Support the blog by pledging – Thailand 2015

Just a brief interlude. I am now back home from my travels but no fear the blogs will be continuing for some time. I have only got you up to day 45 (less than half way) as I was abroad for 99 days!

I hope reading them is no less exciting with the knowledge that I am safe and sound in England.

Coming home wasn’t as strange as I expected. On my return home from Africa in 2012 after only a month, I experienced ‘return culture shock’. So much glass (in the windows) everywhere and carpet, polished high streets with no shacks (even the rough areas looked flush). I was expecting the same on my return from Asia but I think because I was prepared for it, it never came.

I am keen to complete the blog and it will be free to read here as before, but I have joined a community of artists and other creative minds called Patreon.

This site allows us to fund our work, much like Kickstarter. However instead you ‘pledge’ a small amount per published article (for example $1, the site is in U.S. dollars). If you pledge a larger amount then you will get added bonuses like printed copies of pictures of your choice, or a custom upcycled item (from the William Stone Upcycled Goods side of the blog).

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My goal is to raise enough to print the blog as a travel book! And of course if you’re still pledging at that time you will receive a copy or get a percentage discount, depending on your pledge amount.

Keep on following here for days 46-99 of my travels in Asia.

The main differences coming home have have been cultural and economical. For example I found it very strange looking at a brochure (that came through our door) for a weeks cruise in Europe at £1,500 pounds but for double that you could live in Thailand (in one place, not constant sightseeing) in a rented house (approx 450 baht a day, food, water, gas and electricity) for a year!  


So long.

I hope to see your name on my patron site soon :p

The Ruins in Sukhothai (from back in my first week in Thailand)

Next up: days forty-six and forty-seven.

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Lightening the load – stuff I posted home – packing light update

I thought I would update you with my adjustments to my packing and my experience with the Thai postal service.

See here for my original packing list post.

It was hard to decide if I should ditch the things I didn’t need and they buy them again at home or to post them. In the end I decided to post because I wanted to get rid of my grey fleece but I like it too much to just dispose of it here. It cost about £28 (that’s 15,00 baht) to post the box but I think it would cost me about £50 to buy those things again in England, so I think it was worth it.

Everything arrived home fine and very quickly so I posted a second box a few weeks later. I had a hectic rush to get to the office before it closed for the night as we were getting the train North the next day, (I will post a link here when I have written that days blog post).

For the first box, read this post for my experience posting from Ko Samui. 

So in total I have posted home the following:

Box one – 22/06/15:

one T-shirt

-my second pair of sunglasses

-some keyrings I bought for souvenirs

-my zip off camping trousers

-my charger and adapter for my iPhone which no longer the works

-my grey camping jumper

-spare face buff

-mozzy head net

-two small travel books on Thailand

-my thin gloves – what was I thinking bringing gloves to Thailand?

-two pairs of hand knitted merio wool socks which I made and sneaked in (they were not on the original packaging list) :p

Box two – 13/07/15:

-new hammock that I bought in Ko Phangan

-my large toiletries bag (I decanted a bunch of liquids into smaller bottles and left any I didn’t need in the travelers swap drop bin in the hostel)

-a few small bits like a flannel from my wash kit

-my expensive North Face waterproof which I didn’t use once and is too expensive to loose (I didn’t post it in the first box in case it wasn’t a reliable system)

-my red packing cube

-all the items from my red packing cube, my dress shirt and my rash vest for watersports

So less items than last time but it cost the same because the hammock was cotton and quite heavy.

I think I will post another box home before I leave Thailand, with a few things I have bought and some books which I don’t want to sell back to the second hand bookshop because I liked them too much :p

I was going to post a box just full of Christmas presents, (which I haven’t bought yet) but I now I think I will buy those souvenirs on my last few days in Bangkok and check them into the hold of the plane (my main bag will still go as hand luggage).

Anyway I have to agree that light is best, this is the lightest I have ever traveled and my bag always gets put inside of the mini van while other people’s bags get thrown on the roof rack and I can fit it in all the hostel lockers, even the small ones (some are big and my friends had no problem but many are swimming pool locker size). So a success.

Next up: days twenty and twenty-one.

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Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A

Today I went to Gloucester Road to collect my Visa for Thailand. Yesterday I dropped it off for processing and then visited the Natural History Museum.

Today I chose to go to the V&A to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition because it is only on until the 2nd of August and I will still be away then. The exhibition is described as the first and largest retrospective of McQueen’s work to be presented in Europe. It was certainly much bigger than I expected and covered his entire career. I especially liked one of the pieces from his final 2010 collection; Plato’s Atlantis, in which the fabric for several pieces has been digitally printed with images of things such as jellyfish and moths wings.

It is totally worth going to see and it is free to members so you have absolutely no excuse not to go. There is not really any need to book (I didn’t) because they release tickets for each time slot every day.

It was amazing and I even bought the book, but I had a discounted student entry, I might not have done so if I had paid full price. These exhibits are so expensive now!

It was amazing though and used multi media to great effect. It was almost as good as the David Bowie exhibit I saw last year. But I won’t tell you any more in case you plan to see it.

In case you do want to book or just read more about it, here is the link:

Flights are booked!

So my flights are finally booked for the 4th of June, and with a flexible return flight as I don’t know how many months I will want to spend out there? I have also booked a trip with Geckos Adventures, called ‘Tales of Thailand’, which is seven days.    I decided to do this as I have never been to Asia and I thought it would be a good way to induct myself into the country. You can check out their trips @ they are small group trips aimed at 18-39 backpackers.

My next post will probably be my packing light backpacking guide. A must post for all new travel blogs 🙂

Welcome to our new blog.

Hello my name is Jeffrey Salkilld and I run William Stone Upcycled goods. I will be traveling abroad this summer and I thought this would be a great way to keep you all up to date with where I will be.

This blog will mainly be about William Stone, our lastest products and ideas and tips on upcycling from us. I have pulled together all our sites, like Pinterest and Instgram so you can keep up to date with all of those in one fell swoop.

Thats all for now.