Support the blog by pledging – Thailand 2015

Just a brief interlude. I am now back home from my travels but no fear the blogs will be continuing for some time. I have only got you up to day 45 (less than half way) as I was abroad for 99 days!

I hope reading them is no less exciting with the knowledge that I am safe and sound in England.

Coming home wasn’t as strange as I expected. On my return home from Africa in 2012 after only a month, I experienced ‘return culture shock’. So much glass (in the windows) everywhere and carpet, polished high streets with no shacks (even the rough areas looked flush). I was expecting the same on my return from Asia but I think because I was prepared for it, it never came.

I am keen to complete the blog and it will be free to read here as before, but I have joined a community of artists and other creative minds called Patreon.

This site allows us to fund our work, much like Kickstarter. However instead you ‘pledge’ a small amount per published article (for example $1, the site is in U.S. dollars). If you pledge a larger amount then you will get added bonuses like printed copies of pictures of your choice, or a custom upcycled item (from the William Stone Upcycled Goods side of the blog).

You can pull out any time. Read more about it and sign up to pledge to the blog at: 

My goal is to raise enough to print the blog as a travel book! And of course if you’re still pledging at that time you will receive a copy or get a percentage discount, depending on your pledge amount.

Keep on following here for days 46-99 of my travels in Asia.

The main differences coming home have have been cultural and economical. For example I found it very strange looking at a brochure (that came through our door) for a weeks cruise in Europe at £1,500 pounds but for double that you could live in Thailand (in one place, not constant sightseeing) in a rented house (approx 450 baht a day, food, water, gas and electricity) for a year!  


So long.

I hope to see your name on my patron site soon :p

The Ruins in Sukhothai (from back in my first week in Thailand)

Next up: days forty-six and forty-seven.

Previously: days forty-four and forty-five.

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