Days thirty-two and thirty-three in Thailand – 2015

A very short one today but I don’t want to skip any days, and no pictures sorry.

Day 32 – Mon – 6th July:

Last lessons today and a final use of the swimming pool at the Bounty Resort.

Day 33 – Tues – 7th July:

Today was a sad day as it was my last full day on Ko Phangan. I have been here 13 days, the longest I have spent in any one place here in Thailand.

I’m glad I came and I was totally planning to skip this island completely because of its reputation for the Full Moon Parties

Now I am going North again to Bangkok to meet some friends of mine. Silja who I mentioned in this post and this post, from Denmark.

I cycled off to the bike hire shop and returned my hired bicycle. I then asked in the nearest tour office for a ticket to Bangkok on the sleeper train, with a combined bus and ferry from the island.

The lady told me I could pick it up tomorrow at 10am and the ferry was at 12pm. This would still have given me time to get to the pier but I wanted to leave the Haad Yao area early at 8am and take a look at the town Thong Sala. Namely to buy a hammock after reading about a special Hammock shop I had read about in this blog post.

I explained that that was too late and in the end she gave me a receipt so I could pick the ticket up myself from the ticket branch in the town Thong Sala.

There was a rustic giant wooden swing on the mini private beach at the Bounty Resort. I had a swing and read on the beach but it looked overcast so I decided to go and have lunch.

In the afternoon I made use of the hammock on my balcony again (one of the reasons I would like to buy one as a souvenir) and read my book. There was a really heavy thunderstorm with lashing rain and lightning.

I pre-booked a taxi with the reception staff for 8.30am to the ferry pier (this was the earliest she would book it for).

Next up: days thirty-four and thirty-five.

Previously: days thirty and thirty-one.

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