Days thirty and thirty-one in Thailand – 2015

Day 30 – Sat – 4th July:

Today I think was another day off for lessons but I can’t remember. Maybe I had the normal lessons at 8am? Oh dear, my handwritten diary is a bit spotty for these days as I was concentrating on learning Thai.

I do know that today I spent some time taking account of what I have spent so far and since I have nothing to write for today I thought you guys and other backpackers might be interested in how much my trail has cost me so far. Also we are on day 30! which is sort of a milestone.

Ok so here goes:

Expenses before I flew to Thailand:

Flights: £454.95

Student pass: Included in flight price above (£12)

Gecko trip (see this post for info on this trip): £440 – credit card

Visa: £25 – cash at embassy

Insurance from Insure and Go for three months: £130

Malaria prescription: £20 – credit card

Malaria tablets: £45 – credit card

Rabies vaccination: £150 – cash

Hep B vaccination: £35 -cash

First two nights in Bangkok booked because I was leaving on my Geckos tour from this hotel: £60

Total: £1,359.95

Whew that’s a lot of money before we even leave! This is all in GBP just so you know.

So then in the first thirty-two days (I am starting my re-budget from the 8th of July so this is from the 4th June to the 7th July) I spent a total of:


This is of course not including hotels for the first ten days which were included in the price I paid for the Geckos tour (see above).

There were a few expensive items in there that I will explain:

£30.49 – posted a box home (read here about that experience)

£18.28 – a decent quality snorkelling mask

£10.40 – a 15 litre dry bag/shoulder bag for the beach

£92 – seven days intensive Thai language course

So if we take these things out I spent £377.57 on food, accommodation and transport. This includes ferries, trains etc everything. That’s £11.80 a day! But if you account the first week with the geckos tour (let’s say I hadn’t done it and I had paid for accommodation independently) I think that would be about £13.50 GBP a day.

This doesn’t include alcohol really as I only had about ten drinks in that lot (so it will cost more for those of you who drink).

I was spending around £25 on the days I was traveling, amounting to £10 on accommodation, £10 on travel and £3 on food and an extra £2 on snacks and coffee on arrival someplace to use the wifi.

On other days it was just £10 on accommodation and £5 on food and other items. This is all very approximated.

So my budget was £15 a day but I have gone way over by buying Thai lessons and on postage and other things mentioned above.

So from now on I am going to have to try and stick to £15 a day! I’m not sure it will work but anyhow. I have also stayed in private rooms for the whole trip so if you can stay in dorms then this same trip is totally possible for you to do under £15 GBP a day (not including flights or pre trip vaccinations).

So £1,359.95 before leaving and £528.74 in the country. A total of £1,888.69.

I hope that was interesting. I was going to write a separate post but as this was actually the point in my trip that I took note of my finances it seemed appropriate to put here.
Day 31 – Sun – 5th July:

So back to the trip itself. Today I moved to Bounty Resort which is next door to High Life Bungalow and is 400 baht a night instead of 500 baht (baby steps here with the budget :p ). I think it is actually owned by the same people anyway lol.

I also left my laundry for the first time with the hotel! This sounds gross but I have been washing my clothes in the traveler way one piece every night in the sink so nothing was ever left dirty. However although the clothes were clean the constant ‘leaving them to dry in the sun or in the room’ seemed to have left them with a musty smell so I decided to brave the laundry. It sounds daft but I wasn’t sure if they might lose items of clothing etc?

So I had lessons from 8am to 12 pm and again from 4pm to 6pm with a private lesson from 6pm to 8pm. Whew!

My private lesson was with Marie again and we ate again in the evening in the big kitchen, which, I didn’t explain before, is where they teach the cooking and is a large wooden roof on poles with a wooden floor but no walls. It is full of wooden work benches and free standing metal gas hob cookers, with large gas canisters next to each stove.

This is a perfect set up for the Thai climate as otherwise cooking in this heat would be unbearable.

Anyway we had a very interesting discussion about the economy in England and Thailand, minimum pay, that you would need only £2,000 to set up an entire business here in Thailand but £30,000 at home in England.

We also talked about the crossover between charity and business that is in the UK. I have also (sneak peek here) spoken to a German girl on day 55 and she said that she lived in England for a few years and was also surprised by this). It seems to only really be in the UK that we run charity’s as business’s.

Marie said she understands how it works but not the mentality. To her charity is something you do for free out of kindness in you spare time and business is your work where you get to keep all the money you make. It was very interesting.

Back at the Bounty I was late for my Skype ‘appointment’ with Mum and Dad because the discussion went on for a long time. So I updated them (another hour so lol) and then went to bed.

My new bungalow and the pool at the Bounty Resort

My new bungalow and the pool at the Bounty Resort

Next up: days thirty-two and thirty-three.

Previously: days twenty-eight and twenty-nine.

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