Days fourteen and fifteen in Thailand – 2015

Just a short one this time.

Day 14 – Thurs – 18th June:

Today I spent a relaxing by my hotel pool and ordering food from the hotel bar. It felt very luxurious, being able to order whatever I wanted, only glancing at the price, confident that nothing will cost me more than £5.

I spent some time on Facebook on some groups that Maren told me about. I arranged to meet a Danish girl called Silja the next day, to visit the Na Muang waterfalls together.

This is my third night at the Weekender Villa.

The pool at the Weekender Villa

The pool at the Weekender Villa

Day 15 – Fri – 19th June:

In the morning I walked out into the road to hail a songthaew or taxi to Chewang beach where Silja was staying. A taxi stopped and I asked for the price for a round trip to the waterfalls as well, he quoted me 1000 baht which is ridiculous. Next a songthaew stopped and he said 600 baht which we would then split. I was happy with that as I am not on a really tight budget yet and my share, 300 baht would be about £6 GBP.

It took the songthaew a long time to find the place in Chewang beach that I showed him on the map, we had to stop at least half a dozen times to ask his friends (other taxi drivers with no customers as of yet, who were laying about by the side of the road) where to go.

When I finally got to Silja’s hotel it was 10.30am. We both got back in the songthaew for the drive to the waterfalls. Silja thought 600 baht was a lot of money, she is more experienced in what things cost over here, having stayed in Thailand before two years ago. On arrival at the waterfalls she haggled him down to 500 baht and then he wanted 400 which we would pay him for the return trip at 2pm.

We walked to waterfall one which was quite nice, and flowing nicely despite the water shortage (it is only the very start of the rainy season here). There were lots of butterfly’s around. The second waterfall was a 30 minutes walk away, I was glad to do some walking, it is so hot here no one walks anywhere and I miss walking.

The second waterfall was packed with tourists having their pictures taken so we waded through to the other side where there was a cafe. We had an ice cream, there is also a water slide here which is a bit daft. I would be quite happy coming to see the natural phenomena, no one was using the slide anyway :p.

We got back down to meet out songthaew for 2pm but he wasn’t there (we hadn’t paid him so we didn’t lose any money) I suggested he was on ‘Thai time’ so might be late but Silja said that her experience would suggest that they are normally on time to pick up tourists. Anyway he did us a favour because we took a causal walk along the road and got some snacks from 7-11 and ended up hailing another songthaew who only wanted 150 baht to take us to our two destinations, Chewang beach and Lamai beach.

Later that evening it rained very heavily and the power was shorted at my hotel for a couple of hours. I noticed the air con was off and asked at reception. They said it was because of the rain. No one seemed that bothered, it is very relaxed here, and the power came back on again anyway.

Pictures of waterfall one are below.

Na Muang Waterwall One

Na Muang Waterwall One

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