Salavaging yarn from old jumpers

Today I bought a jumper for a pound in a Princess Alice charity shop closing down sale. They are moving across the street to a cheaper premises, we think, preempting the change in business rates and how they relate to charity shops that will possibly be changing from April. It will be interesting to see if this is true or not?

This morning. I read a couple of great blog posts on salvaging yarn from old jumpers.  One here by Roued and one by Dawn. So I decided to grab the next old jumper I found to try it out.

Dawn talks about bad seams, which I have discovered is when the manufacturer knits in sheets and then cuts the pattern out of those sheets. This means when you unravel the jumper you end up with lots of little strips….

Which is the kind of jumper I happened to pick… Oops… on the plus side the jumper had some funky buttons.

Awesome buttons for upcycling

I think I will unravel this jumper anyway and use it for My Little Pony re-hairing and keep an eye out for jumpers with ‘good’ seams (knitted in traditionally), see Dawn’s post for how to spot these.

The reason I want the yarn is so I can knit upcycled socks with my new sock loom! I thought I would never have the patience to knit socks with the whole four little needles thing, but this loom is amazing. Here is the company’s website, you can also buy it on Amazon. I bought mine at the Alpaca farm on the Isle of Wight, in case you wondered and maybe your local yarn shop might have something similar, there are lots of different brands. This post by All Fiber Arts is a great intro to sock loom knitting on the Prym loom.

Even better you can make your own loom with wood and nails! You need about 28 ‘pegs’ or nails for a small sock (and then 32, 38 and so on depending on the foot size), and an even number of pegs helps with sock making for turning the heel and dividing stitches for the toe end.  Here is a good tutorial for a loom from using rescued materials.

Here is my loom with about eight rows of sock and my most recent loomed socks!

Prym sock loom and finished socks

Do you have any thoughts on this? Leave a comment :)

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