Annie Leibovitz exhibition: Pilgrimage at Dimbola Lodge

Another post today. Firstly any tips on how often to post?  I know could just google that but I was hoping for some comments on the subject (hint hint).  I have read a lot of contradicting information, some people say daily, twice a week, weekly, some say daily is too often etc.

So today I went to Dimbola Lodge in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight, which is the home of Julia Margaret Cameron, a women who made a breakthrough in early glass plate photography and who was friends with Darwin, Tennyson and Lewis Carroll.  She even had a special gate built in her garden wall so Tennyson could drop by across the field from his house without being bothered by servants and the public.

I was especially pleased to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibition: Pilgrimage.  A documentary of her travels to visit houses and frequented haunts of famous figures in the history of art, photography and science.  The picture that moved me most was of a tunnel of trees in autumn, the ground covered with copper leaves, entitled, ‘The path at Sandlot where Darwin walked every day’.

Worth going to see, it only costs £5 entry into the house which includes the exhibit. It is on till the 12th of July this year.

Here is a good review (written in 2011) that explains a bit more about her pilgrimage.

Then we had lunch in the cafe and played giant chess on the table!  I won the first game and my Mum won the second. Not bad as I haven’t played properly in years.


Do you have any thoughts on this? Leave a comment :)

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