The cost of marine litter.

Yesterday I took a walk down the esplanade at Shanklin, it was hot and sunny. I was having a play with my new camera, which I will review at some point, and I took this snap of some plastic debris on the beach.

The cost of Marine Litter

The cost of Marine Litter

It reminded me of a horrible picture (on the Internet) of a tortoise maimed by some of that stuff that drinks cans are held together with. I did some googling and found that a group of people in Cornwall did a beach combing project to raise awareness about beach litter:

A huge string of 60,000 plastic bottle tops has been displayed on a beach to highlight the problem of marine litter.

Then today I went to Quarr Abbey, which is looking awesome btw after having a new heritage centre and car park built using their lottery fund money, and dropped into their new craft room.

A lady there was making some wonderful art using driftwood, scrap metals and plastics found on the beach. I know this is quite common nowadays but she had some great pieces, I wish I could have afforded one. Some of the metal was possibly from crashed airplanes!

Check out: she paints really cute tiny beach huts into her art too!

But there will be no shortage for hundreds of years of waste in the ocean for projects like hers, so please remember this summer, on your holidays, take your litter away with you and don’t drop anything over the side of your boat. I’m sure it’s not you but just remind your friends too.

Here is the Wikipedia site for marine debris for some interesting stats.

On a more positive side, Quarr Abbey had some super cute piggies. Here is a pic of them fighting over mum and one of the runt of the litter, she was so sweet.


Do you have any thoughts on this? Leave a comment :)

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